Name Brian Gomberg
Class 480
Year 2012
Quarter Fall
Section 03
Presentation Date October 16, 2012
Presentation Given Yes
Topic(s) Robot SWARM


Swarm robotics is a relatively new field of interest in the robotics community which is based on the idea that the entire swarm is greater than the sum of its part. Insects such as ants and bees behave in similar fashions where each individual insect is acting as a part of the whole to work towards the survival of the "swarm". In robotics, this same idea can be applied to a collection of simple robots which can interact with each other and with their environment. These robotics are typically small to keep cost and complexity down but must be able to somehow interact with each other and collect information from their environment. My presentation will provide an overview of swarm robotics as well as look at a specific implementation which is in progress by the Cal Poly Robotics Club.


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